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Master Thesis

The Master Thesis (MT) consists in a research project carried out by the student under the supervision of a UPC Faculty. The MT can be performed in a UPC department, other universities or industry. The student chooses the topic of the MT in agreement with a faculty. 
collection of Master Thesis by MAST students can be reviewed online. 

Master Thesis registration 

Detailed information on the registration procedure can be found here.

When you are ready to start your MT, you have to follow these steps in order to register it:

  1. Along with the MT supervisor, write a two pages long proposal in English indicating: MT title, director, objectives, methodology, and any other information that you may consider relevant,
  2. Email this document to the MAST coordinator (,
  3. The MAST coordinator will inform you if the MT proposal is accepted or if any modifications are required,
  4. Once the MT proposal has been accepted, your MT supervisor will introduce the required information in the Atenea online tool and select you to continue with the registration.

The MT report must be written using this template:

Master Thesis Report Template

The MT defense is organised by the supervisor. It consists in a presentation of the work and Q&A by a panel composed of MAST professors. You have to deliver a printed copy of the MT to each panel member at least one week before the defense date.

Note that if you plan to carry out your MT outside UPC (either in a company/agency or a university in Spain or abroad), you still need a UPC tutor. In this case, you have to contact the EETAC international office (Ms. María Jesús Melo, to get administrative information. You are required to present the thesis at the UPC.