ESA Educational Week 2018/19

ESA Educational Week 2018/19

Schedule of lectures that will take place at the CIMNE conference room:

-          Thursday 8/11, 15-18h: “What next?”, by Dr. James Carpenter (ESA-ESTEC).  

-          Monday 12/11, 16-20h: “The ESA Science Program”, by Dr. Martin Kessler (ESA-ESAC). 

-          Tuesday 13/11, 16-20h: “Introduction to GNSS and to the Galileo Program”, by Dr. Javier Ventura-Traveset (ESA-ESAC). 

-          Wednesday 14/11, 15.30-17.30: “Studies and Missions. The case of mining asteroids”, by Andrés Gálvez (ESA-HQ).