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Composite Materials for Aerospace Applications

Second Semester - Spring
  • Objectives of the course:

To present and study composite materials, especially those constituted by a polymer matrix and fibrous reinforcements, which are used at aerospace manufacturing, including new generation nanocomposites materials. To study mechanical and fracture behavior of these materials, depending on their own matrix and reinforcement constitution, reinforcement geometry and processing technique. Description and analysis of the main transformation process, as well as the most useful testing and quality control methods.

  • Description of the course:
  1. Composite materials for aerospace applications
  2. Composite matrixes
  3. Composite reinforcements
  4. Composite structures
  5. Processing techniques
  6. Testing methods
  7. Quality control
  • Assessment:

Project based on bibliographic research.

  • Number of credits:

5 ECTS – Second semester

  • Faculty:

José Ignacio Velasco, Edgar A. Franco, Marcelo de Sousa Pais Antunes

  • Selected references:
  1. Chawla,K.K., Composite Materials: Science and Engineering, Wiley, 2001.
  2. Hull, D. and T.W. Clyne, An Introduction to Composites Materials, Cambridge University Press, 1996.
  3. Aerospace Composites. A Design and Manufacturing Guide. A Supplement to Gardner Publications. Composites Magazine, 2008.