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Computational Fluid Dinamics in Aerospace Engineering

Second Semester - Spring
  • Objectives of the course:
    • Introduction to the need and limitations of CFD as a research tool. 
    • Understanding of the fluid dynamics governing equations. 
    • Provide an insight into some numerical techniques. 
    • Introduction to a CFD commercial tool (Ansys/Fluent).


  • Description of the course:
  1. Introduction to CFD 
  2. Fluid dynamics governing equations 
  3. Classification of partial differential equations 
  4. Discretization:
    4.1   Finite differences
    4.2   Finite volume 
  5. Numerical analysis 
  6. Some simple CFD techniques 
  7. Turbulence
  • Assessment:
Papers presentations and discussion.


CFD project.


  • Number of credits:

5 ECTS – Second semester

  • Faculty:

Ricard González Cinca

  • Selected references:
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