Aircraft Trajectory Management

First Semester - Fall

See contents here: 

1- Introduction 

              - Introduction to trajectory modelling and review on flight mechanics and aircraft performance.

              - Three-degree of freedom models for aircraft dynamics

              - Trajectory uncertainty modelling and quantification

              - Overview on trajectory prediction, optimisation, guidance, control and simulation

2- Use cases and review on trajectory management systems

              - Flight dispatching tools

              - Flight management and guidance systems.

              - Other on-board applications in electronic flight bags (EFB).

              - Air/ground trajectory synchronization.

              - Air traffic control decision support tools (AMAN, DMAN, …)

              - Aircraft separation and safety nets (MTCD, STCA, ACAS, ASAS, …)

              - Flight simulation.

3- Project I: trajectory prediction and optimisation

4- Project II: trajectory guidance and simulation