Aerospace Seminars

First Semester - Fall


To provide knowledge of the main activities in space agencies, R&D departments in aerospace industry, and university research groups.


1. Introduction.


2. CDTI seminars.

General presentation.

Contribution of Spanish industry to different ESA programmes (e.g. Science, Earth Observation, Exploration, etc.).


3. ESA Educational Week.

This series of lectures is composed every year of 4 or 5 lectures by speakers from different ESA centers (EAC, ESAC, ESTEC, Paris) on ESA programmes (e.g. Galileo, Science) or more specific activities (such as ISRU, mission studies, etc.).


4. CNES Launchers Week.

This series of lectures is given by experts of the Launchers Directorate of the French Space Agency.

The following topics are presented over the course of a week (AM and PM sessions):

Missions, Orbital dynamics, GNC and flight software, Mechanical design, Solid and liquid rocket propulsion, Avionics, Ground and flight safety, RAMS, Orbit pollution constraints, Launcher installations, Future launchers and advanced concepts.


Evaluation system: Coming soon