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Master Thesis

Third Semester

Master Thesis (MT) will consist of a research project to be carried out under the supervision of a MAST Faculty.

Master Thesis registration process

When you are ready to start your MT, you have to follow the following process in order to register the MT:

  • Along with the MT director you will have chosen among the MAST professors, write in English a one or two page long document where you should indicate: the title, the MT director, the objectives of the MT, the methodology you will follow and any other information you think is important,
  • email this document to the MAST coordinator,
  • the MAST coordinator will tell you if the MT proposal is accepted or not,
  • once the MT proposal has been accepted, your MT supervisor must introduce the information in the Atenea online tool and select you,
  • after it, you can register the MT in the registration office of the campus, at any time of the year.

Once registration is done, you have between 4 and 10 months to present your MT. You must write the MT report using the following template, and the MT defense will take place in front of a panel of MAST professors

Note that if you complete your MT outside UPC (either in a company or another university in Spain or abroad), you should have a UPC tutor, and at the end of the MT you will have to defend it in the UPC, in front of a panel of MAST professors.

Collection of Master Thesis by MAST students